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General FAQs

Getting Involved:


  • I've already graduated college. How can I get involved?
  • I'm currently in college and want to join ACAT! Where can I sign up?
    • Just take about 5 minutes to fill out our membership application form for your club! Our annual membership due is $70 per club.

Tournament FAQs

Rules and Regulations:


  • Who can compete in an ACAT Tournament?
    • College students with a valid College ID. 
  • What rules and regulations are used at ACAT Tournaments?
    • ​ACAT uses Olympic-style rules and reulgations for judging Poomsae and Kyeorugi. Some modifications are made for kyeorugi in order to accomodate the amateur collegiate level of competition. 
  • I'm interested in hosting an ACAT Tournament. What are my next steps?
    • ​Schools that are interested in hosting an ACAT tournament should contact ACAT through either the "Contact Us" page or via emailing info@acatkd.org. Schools interested in hosting the tournament will then receive a Tournament Host Guidlines Book. ACAT works with host schools to create a smooth and efficient timeline. 
  • What are Kyeorugi weight classes?
    • Weight classes are as follows:
    • Weight Classes
      Class Male Female
      Light 0.0 – 149.9 lbs. 0.0 – 125.7 lbs.
      Middle 150 – 176.4 lbs. 125.8 – 147.7 lbs.
      Heavy 176.5 – 999.9 lbs. 147.8 – 999.9 lbs.